To help keep your spa sparkling clean, Discount Pools and Spas recommends that you take care of the following

Maintain water levels

Keeping the water levels high enough will prevent the pump from intaking air in turn possibly damaging the pump.

Clean surfaces

Cleaning the surface of the hot tub will keep the shell feeling nice and smooth and not rough.

Test weekly

Test your water on a weekly basis to keep the water looking good and feeling good.

Shock it

Shocking the spa will help keep the water crystal clear and feeling good on your skin.

Spray monthly

Cleaning the filters on a monthly basis will ensure that the jets are working properly and the water is pristine.

Rinse filters monthly

Rinsing a filter is important, a clogged filter can restrict the flow of water and make for a less pleasant experience while also possibly damaging the pump.

Drain periodically

Draining the water every 4 months will help you use less chemicals and make the water feel a lot better on your skin.

Get a free water analysis

Discount Pools offers free water analysis to help point you in the right direction for a healthier spa, and a better experience.