To help keep your spa sparkling clean, Discount Pools and Spas recommends that you take care of the following

Clean skimmer & baskets

Keeping your skimmer and basket clean keeps your pump flowing smoothly preventing future issues with pump ware out.

Backwash the filter

Backwashing the filter will help push any debris stuck in the filter out effectively cleaning the system.


To help prevent needing to backwash maintain your pool by vacuuming. It will also have the bonus of looking fantastic.

Clean & service

Servicing your pool will keep it lasting longer, replacing broken pipes or pumps can be a very difficult and expensive task.

Top skim

Skimming will keep debris from entering the system taking early measures to reduce reliance on the system is always a great method to extend the life of your pool.


Brushing the walls of your pool will not only remove dirt and debris but prevents algae from growing on the walls created unappealing and difficult to clean sights.

Check chemicals

Keeping your chemicals balanced will prevent algae and other bacterias from living in your pool.