Energy Efficiency

The Fun Shouldn't End When The Electric Bill Shows Up.

Spas are wonderful. Big electric bills are not.  So we make sure our spas are totally insulated.  While many spas claim to be fully foamed, they often use only cheaper, low-density, open-cell packaging-type foam.  Hot Spring spas, by contrast, are totally insulated, not just fully foamed. The difference lies in our multiple layers of high-density, closed-cell polyurethane foam, the same material used to insulate commercial freezers.  Once you own a Hot Spring spa, you'll really appreciate its lower operating costs.

Energy Features

Hot Spring ® spas deliver superior performance for just pennies a day. Our state-of-the-art features are designed to save you money.
Exclusive Insulated Cover
Each spa comes with a custom-fit cover that forms a tight seal. It's made of durable marine-grade vinyl with 2 or 1.5 lb foam insulation, and is tapered for water run-off. It features child-resistant safety locks and is UL Classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards.
Constant Heat
Driving innovation, Hot Spring Spas' energy saving features maintain the water at your desired temperature, eliminating expensive heating, cooling and filtration cycles.
SmartJet® System
We provide a variety of massage options without oversized or multiple jet pumps. Simply turn on the jet system you want...and nothing more.
Hydraulically Efficient Plumbing
Our manifold plumbing system minimizes restrictions in the water flow, so less jet horsepower (and less energy) is required to deliver a strong feel at the jets.
Superior Filtration

Our superior filtration system and optional EverFresh® water care system, featuring the highly effective FreshWater® III CD ozone generator, reduce the need to refill the spa and heat new water.


Efficient Jet Pump
Unlike oversized, high horsepower jet pumps used in many other brands, the single-speed Wavemaster® jet pump uses only the energy needed to deliver a powerful hydromassage experience. Hot Spring Spas' Filtration, Pumps, and Heater System
Dedicated Circulation Pump
Our single-speed Silent Flo 5000® circulation pump ensures 24 hour filtration while using less energy to operate than a 75-watt light bulb.
No-Fault® Heater
The unique, patented design ensures maximum efficiency by transferring over 98% of the heat it produces into the water...minimizing waste and energy cost.
L.E.D. Interior Light
Uses far less energy than a standard light bulb. In fact, many cities are converting their traffic signals to low-watt L.E.D. lights to conserve energy.


It's What You Don't See That Makes a Hot Spring® Spa Last...And Last

Typically, the heater is the most vulnerable component of a spa because the heating elements come in contact with the spa's water, causing them to corrode and fail. Failures due to water chemistry are commonly excluded from other spa warranties. But the revolutionary THE NO-FAULT® 6000 HEATER is unlike any other spa heater. Its patented, exclusive design directs the water through four stainless steel tubes, so the heating elements never come in contact with the water. The most common cause of spa heater failures has been engineered out, and your heater warranty is valid for five years---regardless of water chemistry.

Dedicated Pumps, Dedicated Power

In most other spas the jet pump has to tackle double duty, powering the jets at high speed and the filtration cycles at low speed. This dual-function design can overtax a pump and seriously limit its durability. Our separate Silent Flo 5000 circulation pump takes on the role of continuous filtration, assuring you of clean, heated water, 24 hours a day.

The Wavemaster jet pump was designed for a single purpose: to deliver the finest massage experience by producing the most powerful flow through all the jets. Each pump has just one job to do, providing better performance over time. In addition, our patented pump shroud vents hot air from the equipment compartment. This creates a cooler working environment for the motors and electronic components, contributing to a longer life for your Hot Spring spa.

 Affordable Relaxation

Hot Spring® spas set the standard when it comes to energy efficency.

The Energy Smart® Spa While many spas claim to be fully foamed, they often use only cheaper, low-density foam that can absorb moisture - reducing its ability to retain heat. Hot Spring spas, by contrast, are totally insulated, notjust fully/Darned The difference lies in our multiple layers of high-density, polyurethane foam, the same material used to insulate commercial freezers. In addition, our pumps and heater are designed to deliver maximum performance using minimum energy. Once you own a Hot Spring spa, you'll really appreciate its lower operating costs.

Third Party Testing

Unlike other spa manufacturers, we don't expect you to take our word for the energy efficiency of our spas. We turned to Exponent, Inc., the nation's leading independent scientific and engineering firm, to guantify the actual energy consumption of a Hot Spring spa through rigorous testing. As the industry leader, we maintain only the highest testing standards in order to give you confidence that purchasing a Hot Spring spa is a powerfully efficient decision.

Calculating Your Monthly Cost

How much will it cost to operate a Hot Spring spa? That depends on the model you own, the temperature you set, yourfrequency of use, the mean ambient temperature and the cost of electricity where you live. To get an idea, use the energy table below. It presents the actual documented energy consumption of a mid-sized Hot Spring spa in heavy use, based on third-party testing. To calculate the approximate cost to operate a mid-sized Hot Spring spa in your location, use the convenient energy calculator at

Hot Spring has always been the leader in designing and manufacturing energy efficient spas. While all Hot Spring spas are extremely energy efficient, look for the EE symbol to find the models specially configured to be the most energy efficient spas available.

Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours x Rate per Kilc
City Approximate Annual Mean Ambient Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit Approximate Average KilowattHours per Month To Operate Spa* Approximate Average Rate Charged per Kilowatt Hour in Dollars** Approximate Average Monthly Energy Cost To Operate Spa*
Miami, FL 75° 117 $0.10 $11.70
Las Vegas, NV 70° 138 $0.10 $13.80
Macon.GA 65' 162 $0.05 $8.10
Tulsa.OK 60° 186 $0.06 $11.16
St. Louis, MO 55° 192 $0.05 $9.60
Chicago, IL 50° 199 $0.08 $15.92
Casper, WY 45° 220 $0.04 $8.80
Calgary, Canada 40° 241 $ 0.08*** $19.28***
International Falls, MN 35° 262 $0.07 $18.34
Fairbanks, AK 30° 283 $0.10 $28.30

*Based on a 115 volt Sovereign® spa set at W2T used 6 times perweek; 15 minutes with the Jets on, 15 minutes with the jets off during each use. Testing conducted in a Controlled Environmental Chamber using continuous Data Acquisition monitoring equipment including Continuous Progression Kilowatt Recording meters, Voltage Measurement probes, Current Measurement probes. Relative Humidity Chamber Measurement probes and Thermocouple probes. All equipment was rigorously calibrated to ensure data accuracy. 
**Based on rate quoted by the local utility company in November 2006. Rates subject to change - check with your local electricity provider for the current rate in your area. 
***In Canadian dollars.