Contemporary Style

Spa Shells With Contemporary Style

We've designed our spa shells to be to be beautiful, with sleek lines and sweeping curves for a truly modern appearance.
Stainless steel jet trim and contemporary decorative bar top controls further enhance the appearance of your spa.
We've engineered our spa shells to be exceptionally comfortable because we know this is where you'll sit when you want to relax.
Our Barrier-free seating means there are no confining seats or other obstructions to get in your way when you move from one spot to another. Multi-level seating accommodates adults and children of varying heights and there's lumbar support for your back built-in throughout the spa. You'll quickly find that every seat is a great seat. Comfortable arm rests sculpted in the side of the spa add to your enjoyment.
With a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, you're sure to find a Hot Spring® spa that suits your personal style. Our spa shells are constructed from an acrylic surface layer co-laminated to an impact-resistant ABS substrate, fused together in a controlled, automated process that ensures a more durable, even surface that will provide you years of enjoyment.