Advanced Filtration


Spa Filtration Provides Clean Water

Water—it's the essential ingredient in a spa. So you'll find that the water in a Hot Spring® spa is always crystal clear, fresh and pristine. To ensure it, we've created a comprehensive filtration system combining three key design elements: continuous filtration, 100% no-bypass filtration, and balanced filtration.

Continuous Filtration
In a Hot Spring spa, all the water is continuously being filtered. In fact, the spa's entire contents are completely filtered 10 to 15 times each day! It works like this: the dedicated SilentFlo 5000® pump constantly draws water from the spa, runs it through the spa filter and the heater (heating only when necessary), then back to the spa. It is so energy efficient, it costs less to operate than a 75 watt light bulb.

Because the SilentFlo 5000® pump is totally automatic, there's no need to program long cleaning and heating cycles like you do with other spas. Nor do you have the wear and tear, energy drain or noise of a large jet pump running during those cycles. Quietly, your Hot Spring spa is always hot, clean and ready to enjoy.

100% No-Bypass Filtration
100% No-Bypass filtration means that all the water passes through the filter before it enters the spa. With other spas, water can bypass the filter when the jets are on – the very time when you're in the spa and need clean water the most. Bypassing occurs when there's too much pump and not enough filter - forcing unfiltered water, complete with body oils and debris, directly back into the spa. Hot Spring spas filter all the water all the time.


Balanced Filtration
To ensure our filter cartridges are not overburdened and there's no need to bypass them, their square footage is carefully matched with the gallon-per-minute flow of our pumps. Completing the system, a skimmer directs surface debris into the filter compartment and prevents it from floating back into the spa.

The filters are top loading for easy access; simply lift the filter lid to remove the cartridges for cleaning or replacement. Just like rotating the tires on your car, frequent rotation of the cartridges ensures their extra long life. And thanks to our multiple filter design system, there's no need for sidewall suction fittings-providing an extra measure of safety.

To ensure no water bypasses the filters even in our High Performance models, the patented Tri-X® three-dimensional filter delivers a more effective filtration area and longer time between cleaning cycles. Dishwasher-safe, they're even easier to maintain!