Advanced Components

Sophisticated TECHNOLOGY

SIMPLE Operation

Just Set It and Forget It
There's no need to program complicated heating or cleaning cycles, since the systems are completely automatic. All you have to do is decide what water temperature you like and "set-it-and-forget-it." Your spa will always be ready when you are. Should a power outage occur, the spa resumes its continuous heating and cleaning at the temperature you selected once power is restored, as if nothing had ever happened. There are no cycles to program or reprogram.
The unique shape and features of the control panel have been ergonomically designed for ease of use, directing the IQ 2020 spa control system's integrated circuitry with simple push button controls.
The control panel also includes premium features such as a special lock-out function which, when activated, ensures no one else can turn on the jet pump or change the temperature control. A Power-On indicator light is visible even with the spa cover in place, a real advantage—especially during the winter. And, a 10-minute clean-up cycle is a great convenience each time you exit the spa.
The sophisticated, optional IQ 2020™ remote control communicates with the IQ 2020™ system via two-way radio frequency. You can operate the spa's electronic functions while relaxing in your spa.
The IQ 2020™ spa control system – the brains inside every HotSpring® spa – make intricate, advanced technology and superior engineering simple to operate.
To activate spa functions from inside the spa, all models (except the Jetsetter) include an auxiliary control panel backlit with a blue LED light for ease of operation at night.